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About - The Cyber Swaard

Cybersecurity is a rapidly changing industry, and staying current with the latest trends and best practices is crucial. It's not only IT professionals who need to prioritize cybersecurity, but also individuals and anyone interested in learning more about it.


The Cyber Swaard (TCS) is a reputable and influential source for the latest updates on cybersecurity. As an independent organization, The Cyber Swaard offers a comprehensive and impartial account of the dynamic cybersecurity industry, earning the trust of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Our mission is to guide and empower readers to stay current and proficient in this evolving field, mastering its ongoing challenges.


Our readers represent a diverse range of the cybersecurity sector, spanning from top-tier experts like Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Security Officers (CSOs), to executives in IT, CEOs, and government agency leaders. Our reach includes multiple service providers, including Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Distributors, Resellers, and Consultants.

Additionally, TCS operates as a cybersecurity news blog on prominent social media platforms. Our large and dynamic audience primarily consists of professionals and enthusiasts.

Furthermore, our readership is concentrated predominantly in North America.

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