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Cybersecurity Breach Hits Henry Schein: Investigations Underway

The Cybersecurity Incident

Henry Schein confirmed the successful cyberattack on October 15, 2023, underlining the need for organizations to stay vigilant and adopt measures to safeguard their digital assets. Although the nature of the attack was not explicitly specified in the company's statement, there is speculation that it may have been a ransomware attack. The incident prompted the company to take precautions by taking some of its systems offline to contain the threat.

Although the attack led to temporary disruptions in the company's business operations, its customers' practice management software remained unaffected. The technical difficulties resulted in Henry Schein's website being unavailable, with visitors receiving a message informing them of the situation.

Response and Investigations

Henry Schein acted swiftly in response to the incident, enlisting external cybersecurity and forensic information technology experts to investigate the attack and evaluate any possible data impact. They also promptly notified pertinent law enforcement authorities to guarantee a comprehensive investigation.

Henry Schein's initial statement indicated that they are actively working to resolve the situation and assess any data impact. The company enlisted the help of skilled cybersecurity professionals and forensic experts to enhance their reaction to the event.

The Ongoing Impact

At the time of reporting, Henry Schein's website was still inaccessible due to the aftermath of the cyberattack. The company is currently restoring its online presence, but the timeline for full recovery remains uncertain.

Despite the disruption, Henry Schein proceeded with its scheduled activities. The company announced the successful acquisition of Shield Healthcare, a strategic move that enhances its position in the medical product supply industry.

Data Security Concerns

The incident at Henry Schein aligns with a recent notice from 23andMe, a popular consumer genetic testing company. 23andMe notified its customers of data security worries after discovering that some user information had been put up for sale online. These events emphasize the escalating threat to data security across various sectors, including the sensitive healthcare and genetic testing industries.


Cybersecurity breaches like the one experienced by Henry Schein serve as a stark reminder of the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures in today's digital landscape. Companies must remain vigilant and promptly respond to threats. The current investigation into the attack will illuminate the extent of the damage and aid the company in establishing measures to prevent comparable incidents in the future.

As companies rely more on digital systems, securing data and protecting against cyber threats is crucial. Henry Schein's collaboration with external cybersecurity experts and law enforcement demonstrates the seriousness with which they are addressing this incident, emphasizing the need for constant vigilance and the importance of preparedness to safeguard against such threats.


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